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Jeff Gardner

Born and raised in Northern Michigan, Jeff has been making music since he took up the trombone when he was 11 years old. He was introduced to the guitar at age 15 and has never been the same. He added an upright  bass to his arsenal back in '95 and is seen and heard at many festivals and jamborees keeping everyone in time. Jeff is the WebMaster here at www.ucalldatmusic.com  He owns & operates Tamarack Studios and is married to Connie Gardner.

selected Discography: Waiting For a Train, the Gardners, the Gardners Too, Merry Christmas from the Gardners, Strummin' Around...for the Lord, Mike Hubert's My God, My Country, My Heart, Andy Stanley's To the Rhythm of My Heart, Pam Bowman's Hammered Hymns Unto Him, Pam Bowman's Hammered Holidays, Pam Bowman's Hammered Hoot-N-NannyLynn Truman and Friends, Willow Skye Robinson's Faith & Remembrance, Rivers Bend, Rags 2 Riches, Dale Hafer's Sold That Hog for a $50 Bill, Michael Howe's You Are Heaven & I'm On a Walk With Jesus, Aaron Rossetti's Take This Star, Sandra Cooper's Seasons of Change, And Chris Spitter's Beyond the Shore

E-mail Adress: jeffg@ucalldatmusic.com


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