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bulletClick here to listen to this week's song "It Rains Everywhere I Go" by Jan & Jim Leiter from the CD, "Remind Me"

Since we can't hear your applause (or boos) please give us your opinion by filling this out.  

How would you rate your opinion of the singer ?

Singer? Well not really
don't quit your day job
not bad
I like it, I like it!
She gave me goosebumps!

How would you rate your opinion of the playin' ?

somebody take away their instruments... PLEASE
I have heard better
getting jiggy with it
can't stop dancing

How would you rate your opinion of quality of the sound ?

Sound? What sound?
Somebody better find a new recording studio!
It's all there
music to my ears
sounds like it was recorded in Nashville!

How would you rate your opinion of the lyrics ?

why bother?
I could do better
Not bad... not bad at all!
direct me to the nearest port-a-john!!!

How would you rate your opinion of overall song ?

I just wasted 3 1/2 minutes of my life
maybe if you tried it again... only different
now your talkin'
I would listen to that one again
make room on the wall for the platinum!

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